This is the technogirl project website.

We create it so that we can directly help Hungarian and Slovenian girls and vocational training institutions, but indirectly we want to help society as a whole. By the 21st century, the scientific-technical-technological professions will have changed significantly. There are fewer and fewer places where physical strength is needed, but we need to realize that theories are not only mastered by boys. The most important characteristics of a good professional are perseverance, will, logical abilities, attention and the will to learn for life. That doesn't exclude girls. Moreover, gender distribution is particularly necessary to create a healthy atmosphere for long-term jobs. To balance the number of men and women.

Very few girls in Hungary still venture into these professions. I will give you a few examples: automation technician, electronics technician, transport automation technician, mechanical engineering technology technician, aircraft mechanic technician, cnc-programozá, welder, chemical technician, pharmaceutical manufacturer, chemical system manager. ETC.

Aside from complicated names, we have some imagination to get behind them and understand that these are NOT male-specific works.

During our project, we would like to provide interested girls with 5 formal personal career guidance trainings, so that they can arrive at the school prepared for the interview, so that they can see what their future alternatives are.

We would like to bring the audience: families, partners, employers, teachers closer to the idea that in a person's life it is not necessary to take the first place in the life of a person, because it can also come after the acquisition of the profession. That employing girls is not a nuisance, a tantrum, not a weakness, but promises a harmoniously thinking, balanced and high-performance operation. That girls, even in jobs previously considered masculine, can stand their ground. They'll even be able to manage the family, and dinner will be on the table when it comes to it.

In short, we want to change our approach. At first, it's just a little bit. It's like a butterfly launching water waves with a flare. And they can go far enough. And pass on knowledge to others.

We will also ask questions: parents, students and teachers. What do they think about the topic, what they think about the future of girls, where they are imagined and the like. Based on the results, we will propose to the institutions what they could change if they wanted to increase the number of girls studying with them.

We cut our axes into a big tree. We need everyone. If you're interested and want change, sign up, follow us, and spread the word to Technogirl. Because you need it for a happy future.