Welcome to the Technogirl Project website!

This project was created because the number of girls in the STEM / TMT (science-technology-technology) professions is rather underrepresented, both in Hungary and in Slovenia.

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Thanks to the EU and the Tempus Foundation, we can take part in the Erasmus+ application and spend the next 7 months exploring the situation of girls in the two countries. The project is running in parallel in two cities, Ljubljana and Budapest. We continuously share the results of the surveys and make them available for free for a minimum of 5 years here and on our social media platforms.

Photo: unsplash.com

To have more insight into the project, listen to our introduction here:

You can read the introduction here:


All your experiences with choosing a school are welcome. If you feel like it, please fill out our questionnaire. #student, #parent, #teacher whoever you are, fill in! 🙏 Links to the questionnaire can be found here: QUESTIONNAIRES BELOW.